Wednesday, January 20, 2016

China Hasn't Beat Me Yet!

I haven’t written in a while and I am well aware of that. Writing makes me deal with the things that stress me out and sometimes make me uncomfortable, but I have so many topics running through my head and I think it would be good to put them in writing. Here are some things I would like to address in my writing:

Switching from music to podcasts on my commute and what difference it makes

Feeling very much alone in this huge city

Trying not to panic when all I want to do is panic

Trying my hardest to be polite at all times

Talking about that guy who blew his nose for 30min on my metro ride today

Alcohol & Drugs

Sitting for 9 hours a day 


I will write about every single one of these topics and will try my hardest to keep a consistency to posting the blogs.

I am standing so frozen because a soldier was yelling at me not to take pictures next to the sign.... and that was on a weekend trip to Dali in December. Nature is fun. 

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